Bad decisions, and even worse circumstances; The Deviant Patrol Force strives to make up for their mistakes by working with the government, and helping others. They, and many others are known as "Deviants" to society. With conflict only rising higher, can this rag-tag team be the heroes they were meant to be?

Written by: Marcus Lindsey & Axel Ruttoh

Artwork by: Antonin Lorenzi

Lettering by: Marcus Lindsey


We've all lost someone close to us. The best thing we can do is to remember them. Cherish the memories. Live a life that they would want us to. Angelic Comics started with the lost of a loved one. We are transforming it into something special.


The Following Gallery of sketches commemorate fallen loved ones of the Angelic Family and friends. Some will be brought into the comics for fantasy glory- others will remain in our thoughts and prayers as we continue living.

We are always open to commemorative commissions.